Every single day we are all performers even though many of us don’t think of ourselves as such. Performance isn’t only limited to athletes.

Kids and adults perform in classes at school, at our places of work and with our friends and families. We all have moments we wish we handled better and we also have moments that go perfectly well but we aren’t quite sure how to replicate that success. My goal is to help individuals and organizations learn how to perform their best in any arena. To know exactly what helps them be successful and to know how to self-correct when things aren’t going the way they want them to. 

Ways I help clients do this:

  • To understand the most effective ways to talk to themselves and others to get the outcomes they desire 
  • To better understand when to listen to themselves and when not to when they are being their own
    worst enemy 
  • To discover how each night of sleep is a performance that can go well or poorly depending on the things we do throughout the day
  • To understand how to control what they can control and learn how to let go of the things they cannot
  • To gain better self-awareness of how their bodies respond to stressful situations and how to most effectively self-intervene in those situations
  • To help people understand how to best motivate themselves and others
  • To effectively give positive and negative feedback to themselves and others to improve faster
  • To better understand the power of their breath and how they can utilize it in different ways to calm and collect themselves as well as energize their brains and body

I use research-based skills and concepts to help people develop better self-awareness and self-regulation tools they can immediately put into action. The people I work with learn how to become the best version of themselves in their day-to-day lives that includes the stressful and pressure-filled moments that inevitably happen. My work is about more than helping others win more – it is about developing them as a human being.

Additional ways I help your specific needs and desired
areas of growth:

  • Learn tools to help deal with anxiousness and nervousness before interviews, academic tests or before difficult conversations
  • Help people learn how to improve focus without the use of medication
  • Teach people how to manage their thoughts and emotions when their brains are only focusing on worst-case scenarios
  • Teach people how to become less focused on wins and losses and more focused on skill development
  • Build confidence through improving self-talk
  • Strategies to help manage emotions more effectively so people feel more in control of what they
    think and feel
  • Learn the most effective ways to study in order to get information more rapidly into long-term memory

Let’s Transform

Let’s have a discussion about how I can help you reach your performance goals.