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I am proud to have had a positive impact on a wide range of people including individual athletes, fighter pilots, teams, business executives and more.

In my 19th year of being a fighter pilot in the US Air Force, I thought I’d figured out both myself and a high-performance mindset, then I met Brandi. Within a few short coaching sessions, she pointed out several performance-limiting behaviors I’d never noticed up to that point in my life, and immediately unlocked new levels of perception, self-awareness, and workload management that I couldn’t attain on my own. Several years and many conversations later, she still provides insights about where I can keep ratcheting up my concentration, focus and performance in highly dynamic environments. 

The best part is that Brandi will do this for you too. She’ll help you figure out the best version of you, and these insights will translate across your life: on or off the court, in or out of the pool, in or out of the office. 

Brandi will help you illuminate, discover and achieve your best self.

Retired F-16 Fighter Pilot for the US Air Force, LTC Matthew “BURT” Reynolds

Coach Brandi was an integral part of my holistic development during Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals at Randolph AFB, TX. Brandi reset my standard for mental preparedness and performance optimization. She uniquely integrates positive thinking, visualization, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development to improve young fighter pilot’s flying skills, reduce the time required to learn new concepts, and provide them with a new found sense of inner belief. The habits I developed while training with Coach Brandi Bratek helped me become smarter, more cognitively stable, and more confident. Ultimately, her coaching helped me become a more reliable wingman to my brothers and sisters in the CAF. 

1LT Santiago Garcia, F-16 Fighter Pilot and former collegiate tennis player at the United States Air Force Academy

The mindset training Brandi has provided my son with has been excellent.  So many books and coaches tell you to “stop thinking and just play.”  Brandi trains players to think in the most productive way possible through games, real life scenarios and match analysis.  The skills my son has learned have not only improved his game on court but have helped him deal with stressful situations at school and home also.

Melissa and Grant Chambers

Brandi has helped both of my daughters navigate through the mental challenges of competitive junior tennis in Florida. The mental side of tennis is just as important as the physical and Brandi has helped our whole family navigate this part of the game. What sets Brandi apart from other mental coaches is that she was a college athlete, has coached at the collegiate level and still competes at a high level so she understands what the young athletes are facing.

Brandi played a big role in our daughter landing a D1 tennis scholarship. She helped her identify the tools necessary to manage the range of emotions during before and after a big match.

Eddie and Courtney Pacheco

As an adult, I still enjoy competing and I realized it is just as important to be strong mentally as physically. I find it is harder with age and responsibility to be as strong mentally and have the time to work on it.  Brandi has really helped me with a plan that isn’t time consuming to become stronger mentally and achieve my goals. She helps me stay on path and I truly believe this has helped me. I maybe could have figured it out on my own, but with Brandi’s help I sped up the learning curve which I believe is very important.  I highly recommend her to juniors or adults in whatever you are wanting to compete in. 

Marvin Colley, ITF Men’s 40’s World Finalist

Working with Brandi has helped me progress my mental game tremendously. I have learned how to truly compete while being self-compassionate through our conversations.

Harrison Chambers, Top 25 junior in Texas Section

We have been fortunate to have Brandi Bratek work with our NCAA Division 1 college tennis program over the past year. In her role as volunteer assistant coach, Brandi has been instrumental in the forward progress of our program, culminating in a historic program-best finish last season and a first-ever Texas Regional championship this fall. 

Brandi has led workshops on character development, mindfulness, personality strengths, and self-talk. She also worked closely with me on forming our team’s mission, values, and expectations. She programs a weekly mental performance program for our athletes, and she even goes above and beyond to offer individualized sports psychology sessions for our athletes in her spare time, where they can meet on a 1-on-1 basis. 

We are seeing the fruits of Brandi’s labor daily. Our athletes are more in tune than ever with the practice and benefits of mindfulness, they are becoming increasingly skilled at visualization, and are learning which cue words help them lock into the competitive environment faster. I can confidently say that Brandi Bratek is an all-star, and highly recommend her to any future teams for mental performance.

Tom Rees, Head Coach, University of the Incarnate Word

I am so happy to have found Brandi to help my son overcome mental challenges he faces both on and off the court. Her status as a tennis competitor brings a validation that is hard to find elsewhere. Brandi’s ability to connect with him from an athlete’s perspective and her eagerness to get to know her athletes have helped them to build a trusting relationship. This trust has been immensely important in helping him to feel supported and respected while working through the process of overcoming mental challenges. The tools she has introduced have translated to an increase in self-belief and focus during practices, confidence on the court during match play and mental toughness. The mental preparation for competition is the part of the puzzle most seem to neglect but plays such an important role in the success of the athlete… Let Brandi be your missing puzzle piece to get your athlete to the next level!

Jody McMurry

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