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Why Work With Me?

Consulting with a Mental Performance Consultant means an individual is seeking ways to improve and to better understand themselves.

It DOES NOT mean there is a problem with the individual. Seeking assistance means that you will do whatever it takes to improve yourself as an athlete, person and parent for yourself and others. This type of work is non-threatening. It can be very rewarding, insightful and inspirational.

Within the sport world, while we are doing better at normalizing seeking assistance to improve our mental health, there is still a stigma about working on the mental side of our game. Everyone can grow as an individual and improve as a competitor. It doesn’t matter if you have been competing for one year or 20. Many people wish they would have had mental skills training at an earlier age rather than later because it would have made challenging things easier faster. Training the technical skills and physical body is commonplace and accepted, but it is important to recognize the value of training and honing our mental skills so that all aspects of our performance become more automated and second nature.

Let’s Transform

Let’s have a discussion about how I can help you reach your performance goals.